The Problem

Business environments are increasingly data intensive, and extremely dynamic. Current analytics and process automation tools struggle to cope with this dynamism...

Variety of Data Sources

Decision making today requires blending data from many disparate data sources, including spreadsheets, databases, streams, APIs and web services.

Data Changes in Real-Time

Modern organizations are data intensive and event driven because their data environments are always in flux. Analytics methods need ways to use current data if required.

Analytics is Dynamic!

As business situations change, analytics questions and associated requirements can change quite radically. This presents major technical hurdles.

Automation is Hard!

Automating business processes across data silos and multiple tools that were never designed or intended to inter-operate represents a huge challenge.

Traditional IT Falls Short

Most analytics & automation solutions are achieved via custom software built by the IT department. This mode of operation is often too slow, costly, and error-prone.

Nimble Response is Critical

It is very difficult to cope with the analytics requirements of modern enterprises with traditional approaches. A new paradigm is required to shake things up.

The Solution

Our mission is to empower decision makers (yes, that means YOU!) to work directly with the data to get answers to the questions they have -- within minutes!


TriggerWare presents ALL information as easy-to-understand tables, regardless of the complexity of the underlying data sources.

TriggerWare is the only platform that covers a huge variety of data sources -- including streams, web services and APIs, databases, log files, documents, etc..

As new analytics questions pop up, decision makers can define queries over the tables and get answers -- within minutes

Any query can be easily converted into an alert if the decision maker wants to be notified about changes to the answer.

TriggerWare includes a powerful logic-based complex event processing -- ideal for event-triggered applications, including IoT .

New data sources can be added as needed without disrupting the system.

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Why should you use TriggerWare?

  1. Get real-time answers to questions:
    • ♣ TriggerWare is the only technology that lets you formulate queries over real-time data sources.
    • ♣ Easy to use: within a few minutes, you can start using the software to answer questions.


  2. For developers, TriggerWare is the only analytics platform designed for agility:
    • ♣ Shorter development and enhancement cycles: You can embed queries and alerts into your favorite apps very easily;
    • ♣ Deploy your app faster: Use the TriggerWare REST API to deploy your app with a few clicks;

Easy to Use

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No E-T-L!

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Agile Analytics

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Easy to Deploy!

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Statistics & Testimonials

TriggerWare is rapidly changing what is possible in agile analytics! Let the numbers tell the story...

Data Sources
Man Hours Saved
Providing "just in time" insights through agile, real-time analytics has become the KEY competitive differentiator in the retail market.
Uzi Eliahou
RevMaker Technologies
As IOT/IOE apps emerge in the market, real-time analytics becomes crucial with more than 20 Billion Internet data sources by 2020!
Read the White Paper that shows how current Business Intelligence tools fail to address the unique problems of dynamic environments..
July 2012

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